As personal computers becoming an integral part of our society, it is imminent that we keep ourselves up to the bar. Being computer literate gives you an edge over others in almost everything, espeically job searching. It will definitely expand your job opportunites. Our computer classes cater towards people at different skill levels.


Microsoft Windows 7 Introductory Course /微軟視窗7入門班
This course is designed for individuals who have no prior experience on computing. It introduces the fundamentals of Microsoft Windows 7, operations, and their usage. It also helps you to be familiar with the tools, their adjustment, Hard disk memory storage management, finding files, changing file names, move, delete, and revert the original documents, and applied operation programs. This is an essential course for the beginners.

正確地開、關機,使用滑鼠(double-click, right-click) 及運用滑鼠控制畫面
(Windows Media Player、Paint、 Notepad、Wordpad)

Microsoft Windows 7 Intermediate Course /微軟視窗7進階班
微軟視窗 7進階班適合已報讀入門班學生繼續進修所設,教授內容包括深入了解視窗7功能、如何使用系統備份及還原、多媒體功能使用等

MS Office Application Course / 辦公室軟件班 MS Office
Covers the most popular office programs Excel, Word and PowerPoint. The syllabus is brokened down into three modules covering the wordprocessing, spreadsheet, and presentation programs. Students will learn to utilize each of these program to produce documents, set up spreadsheet models, and create slide show presentation. Prequisite: Introduction Computer or equivlant proficiencey.

學習MS WordMS Excel
基本Layout、工具欄 (Toolbar) 、工具的用處

郵寄標籤、Mail Merge、PivotTable 數據表分析等

Entry Level Internet Course / 互聯入門網班
Explore the exciting field of Internet technology! This course will familiarize you with the basics of the Internet, the World-Wide-Web, Internet browsers, and peripherals. You will also learn how to set up e-mail accounts, send e-mails, and pictures, search for information using search engines, etc.


Internet Course Level 2 / 互聯網班 2
This Intermediate Internet course will give a tour to download forms from INS, use MAP Quest to find direction, Real Time Traffic Cam to avoid traffic jam, put weather on your desktop, online shopping/e-bay, and make good use of United Postal web site, etc.


Cang Jie (CJ) Chinese Input Method / 倉頡中文輸入法
With a number of different Chinese input methods, software and tablets, Cang Jie is indeed the most common one among all. A large scale of employers require employees with some Chinese input skill. Sign up today and prepare yourself to be ahead of everyone else with Cang Jie Chinese input method!


Digital Imaging and Photo Editing / 數碼圖片整理班
Focuses on the latest technology, this course integrates the commonly used devices, digital camera and scanner, with images and photographs to produce a better result. From scanning images to printing the work, student will be able to edit and enhance images step by step. In addition, you will learn how to use the editing software and its functions to create simple projects.

ProjectScreen SaverHTML Photo Album