The Jubilee Youth Chorale consists of 3 choirs:
Alpha Choir:
For ages 4-6, all are welcome; no prior singing experience required.

Resident Choir:
For Age 7+. Students are required to read in English. Selections in Latin, Italian, French and Chinese will also be taught.
Auditions are held Fridays in September and January.

Concert Choir:
For Age 9+. Members of the Concert Choir are promoted from the Resident Choir. Students are tested in June.

There are 2 main concerts, one in the Spring and one at Christmas time. Often times, the Chorale is invited to participate in various fundraising concerts and community events throughout the year. Every other summer, members are invited on a Concert Tour; nationally or internationally. Please review our Performance history for additional information.

About the Chorale:
The Jubilee Youth Chorale was established in February 1994. Young choristers are provided with the opportunity for ensemble music-making, musicianship building, disciplined learning-experience and, certainly not the least, understanding of their own cultural and ethnic background a little better through performing literatures by Chinese composers.

The ensemble has undertaken several concert tours during the past decade, including trips to Washington DC, California, Brazil, the Czech Republic, Austria, and China. Through the experience in music and in traveling, the choristers have learned about cultures and people from other parts of the world, including those of their own ancestry, and have grown from the exposure.

The Jubilee Youth Chorale auditions potential new members at the beginning of each new semester:
September/October and January/February. Please call for an appointment: 212-233-2899.