Yes, Jesus Loves Me
April 2001, at the National Child Advocacy Choir Camp Symposium, we cut our first CD with other church choirs from around the country. Recorded songs were religious and fun to sing; some of them were in different languages. “God is Like A Loving Mother” (Cantonese) was sung exclusively by yours truly. Another song exclusively sung by JYC was “Light the Candles”.

Swedish TV
April 2000, the Jubilee Youth Chorale was one of the few choirs to be invited to be part of a Swedish television project. This program, called "The Whole World is Singing" looks at music throughout the world. Recently, a filming crew from Sweden came and filmed them while they were singing. Before they came, this crew traveled across the world visiting a few choirs in major cities. "The Whole World is Singing" was aired in Sweden that fall.

The Jubilee Youth Chorale was invited to audition to sing for a YMCA commercial. In the summer of 1998, eight of the Jubilee Youth Chorale’s members were selected to sing for the commercial. They recorded “Come to the Y” in a Manhattan studio. This commercial was for a YMCA in Chinatown.

A Concert for Peace
On December 7, 1997, the Jubilee Youth Chorale performed in Carnegie Hall, NYC, under the direction of its founder and first director, Celia Ong and Jin Xiang, a distinguished composer, conductor and music critic. Many other choirs also performed there that night. A Concert for Peace was a memorial to the victims of the Nanjing Massacre and World War II.

In September 1997, members of the Jubilee Youth Chorale were invited to be in the movie “Kundun,” the true story of a world leader - Tibet’s Dalai Lama - and his daring struggle to rule a nation at one of the most challenging times in its history. The filming of “Kundun” with Disney at the Customs House, NYC was on September 6, 1997. On September 7, “We Are The Young Leaders” was recorded at the Philip Glass Studio, NYC.